Patient Stories

We use the latest techniques and treatments to produce amazing, natural smiles.

Mr S



This kind gentleman was unhappy with smile. He was in the army and was subject to tooth grinding. As a result, his front teeth were very worn down. In order to avoid further damage to the teeth we agreed to straighten the teeth and stabilise the teeth with a fixed retainer.

After the teeth were in a better position, we re built the worn aspect of teh teeth with edge bonding using 2 shades of composite material.

Clear braces, Whitening, Edge bonding

Miss H



Miss H was referred to us to help with her smile. She thought her teeth looked childlike and gummy smile. She wanted a very discreet option and wanted no one to notice she was having her teeth done. She only wanted subtle changes to her teeth and “nothing drastic”.

After discussing all the options, we agreed to treat her with lingual braces fitted behind her teeth and complete treatment with tooth whitening and fixed retainers. She was very happy with the result.

Invisible lingual braces, Whitening

Mr S



Mr S was embarrassed by his smile and struggled to show his teeth. He wanted to avoid porcelain veneers and any damage to the teeth. We agreed to straighten his teeth using clear braces to close the gaps and provide a stable bite. Then reshaped the teeth using composite bonding.

Braces, Composite veneers

Mr G



Mr G had always hated his teeth but did not know the options available. During a routine check up and discussing his dental health and wishes we performed a scan and simulation of what his teeth would look like without the gaps and correcting the shapes of his incisors.

Using the scan, we digitally planned for Lumineers to be fitted the next visit. No preparation onto the teeth and a complete transformation.

Lumineers, Digital Smile Design

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