Progressive Smile Makeover

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Progressive Smile Makeover

Cosmetically, patients tend to dislike 3 things about their smile: the position colour, or the shape. A progressive or Mini (minimally invasive) smile makeover uses a combination of aligning teeth, whitening and bonding to alleviate all these concerns in turn (progressively).

Waldron Dental Clinic has used a combination of these techniques to transform thousands of smiles. While we often digitally plan your smile to show you the results, it can be difficult to decide how much change you would like to make.

The progressive nature of this technique means you can stop after each stage if you are happy or use all 3 in combination for a full transformation. Full transformation can take approximately 3-6 months depending on the length of the orthodontic needed.

The complete treatment costs £4400 and lasts several years depending on the type of transformations needed.

What is the process?

Utilising the Align, Bleach, Composite protocol (ABC)-a combination of orthodontics, whitening and composite bonding has been used to treat 1000s of patients by our team. Whether you are looking for a simple improvement in your smile or a more drastic change, our team can help you achieve your wish for long-lasting results:

  1. Book your free consultation and discuss your wishes
  2. Receive your customised treatment plan
  3. We begin to transform your smile


How much does it cost?

The complete ABC protocol costs £4400 and includes complete alignment with invisible aligners, whitening using the UK best whitening systems, and composite bonding, retainers to retain your smile in a perfect position.

Please look at our offers for special deals. Interest free payment plans are available for all options.

Can I have a payment plan?
Yes, our care coordinators are at hand to create a bespoke payment plan for you should you wish. You can also split payments in little chunks you attend. For more information, speak to one of our team.
How long does it last?
The orthodontic aspect of this should last a lifetime, but the whitening and bonding require continual maintenance to keep the appearance. All our treatments come with a 5 year guarantee.

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Before and After

Here is some of our transformations, after images are taken at 3-5 year follow up appointments. See more patient stories.

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