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Lumineers are one of the most advanced porcelain veneers available. They are extremely thin translucent ceramic that is incredibly strong and durable. They can be used to transform discoloured and misshapen teeth with no removal of tooth structure.

After initially taking a digital scan of your teeth and images of your smile, your new teeth will be designed digitally and manufactured. Your Lumineers will then fit seamlessly over your existing teeth to transform your smile within 2 visits.

Lumineer placement is completely painless and can last over 8-10 years and cost £695.

How much does lumineers cost?
Lumineers cost £695 per tooth. This includes a consultation, 3D scan and digital simulation, procedure and review polish visit. Please look at our offers for special deals.

Interest free payment plans are available for all options.

How long do lumineers take to make?
Lumineers can be made in approximately 2 weeks. However, time can vary depending on how complex the transformation is.
How long do lumineers last?
If cared for well Lumineers can last 8-10 years or more. The beauty of lumineers is that there is minimal to no preparation of the teeth and therefore can be replaced indefinitely in the hands of a skilled clinicians.
Who is a candidate?
Lumineers are perfect for patients looking to enhance their smile who would like to completely avoid any drilling. It is only possible if your teeth are well aligned (ideally with small spaces) and is perfect in combination with orthodontic treatment.

If your teeth have gaps, are mildly discoloured, worn or chipped, lumineers can help transform them into an even, uniform smile in 2 visits.

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