Break down of treatment costs including membership deals and more.

TreatmentOur PricesMember Price6 Months 0% Interest
New Patient Assessment£75FreeN/A
Routine Examination£45FreeN/A
Small x-ray£15FreeN/A
Large x-ray (Pan-oral)£50FreeN/A
3D scan£30FreeN/A
Emergencyfrom £50FreeN/A
Scale and Polish£60FreeN/A
Periodontal treatment£120FreeN/A
Composite restorationsfrom £9010% offN/A
Dental Crownsfrom £59510% off£89.25 p/m
Adhesive Bridgefrom £400 per unit10% off£60 p/m
Root Canal Treatmentfrom £35010% off£52.50 p/m
Extractionsfrom £9510% offN/A
Surgical Extractionsfrom £150-35010% offN/A
Flexible Denturesfrom £60010% off£90 p/m
Chrome Denturesfrom £75010% off£112.50 p/m
Acrylic Denturesfrom £49510% off£74.25 p/m
IV Sedation£150/session10% offN/A
TreatmentOur PricesMember Price6 Months 0% Interest
Home Whitening£249-£40010% offN/A
Chairside Whitening£59510% off£74.25 p/m
B1 Enlighten Guaranteefrom £40010% off£54.25 p/m
No Preparation Lumineer£59510% off£89.25 p/m
Composite Veneer£30010% off£50 p/m
Composite Bonding£25010% offN/A
Gum Bleaching/Contouring£550-£80010% off£82.50 p/m
TreatmentOur PricesMember Price6 Months 0% Interest
InvisalignFrom £4,100£100 offFrom £3.58 p/d
Metal Delta BracesFrom £1,900-2,7005% offFrom £4.85 p/d
Ceramic Damon BracesFrom £2,500-3,600£100 offFrom £6.38 p/d
Invisible Lingual BracesFrom £2,900-5,000£100 offFrom £7.41 p/d
Clear Aligner (mild cases only)£1,500 per archN/AFrom £3.56 p/d
Social 6 Ceramic BracesFrom £450 one arch - 650 two arch(£120 per adjustment visit)
TreatmentOur PricesMember Price6 Months 0% Interest
Single Implant+Crown£2,2005% off£5.60 p/d
Implant Crown only£8005% off£2.04 p/d
Same day Replacement£2,700 NOW £2,3955% off£6.13 p/d
Full Arch Replacement£18,000 NOW £13,9955% off£35.75 p/d
Implant-retained overdenture£6,000 NOW £4,9955% offFrom £11.49 p/d
Bone Graft/Sinus LiftFrom £300-1,0005% offFrom £0.64 p/d
TreatmentOur PricesMember Price6 Months 0% Interest
Initial ConsultationFREEFREEN/A
Anti-Wrinkle injectionsFrom £180-3005% offFrom £50.00 p/m
Dermal/Lip FillersFrom £4505% offFrom £71.25 p/m
Nose Reshaping (Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty)From £350From £350From £50.67 p/m
Nefertiti Lift (anti-aging around neck and smile)From £2805% offFrom £50.67 p/m
HyperhydrosisFrom £3805% offFrom £60.17 p/m
Chemical PeelsFrom £2505% offFrom £50.00 p/m
Trucryo Fat Freezing and body shapingFrom £250 per session5% offFrom £50.00 p/m
TreatmentOur PricesMember Price6 Months 0% Interest
Gum Contouring£595N/aN/a
Gum Bleaching £695N/aN/a

Representative example

A loan of £1,000.00 over 12 months would cost you £83.33 per month at a representative 0% APR. The total amount of credit would be £1,000.00, to which we would add £0.00 (0% p.a.). This means the total cost of your treatment after 12 months would be £1,000.00. If you were take out the loan today, you’d pay the first £83.37 upfront, and then 11 payments of £83.33 each month, starting 18 Nov, and ending in Sep 2021.
*This can’t be more than your treatment cost.

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Additional Information

All patients referred to us will remain under the overall care of the referring dentist We will always acknowledge and appreciate your referrals and make sure your experience with us is hassle-free We believe in the importance of communication. Every patient will be provided with a full treatment plan and quote after attending a full consultation. We promise to keep you informed of the orthodontic or implant treatment plan and to maintain clear and regular communication with you and the patient.

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