Patient Stories

We use the latest techniques and treatments to produce amazing, natural smiles.

We have treated 1000s of patient with a variety and combination of treatment to help them achieve the smiles they wanted. Here are just a few.

Mr I



This lovely gentleman’s main problem were the gaps and position of his front teeth. He also had trouble biting his teeth together. Unfortunately the edges of his teeth were also worn and uneven. After discussing all the options, we decided to go treatment with a Progressive smile makeover.

The first step was straightening the teeth with Invisalign clear aligners. Then whitening the teeth with night time whitening gel. When Issa was happy with the new colour of the teeth, we edges subtle direct composite bonding using 2-3 shades onto the edges of the teeth to repair the worn edges and blend to the rest of the tooth.

Invisalign, whitening, composite veneers

Miss S



This lovely lady was very self-conscious about her smile and complained that her teeth looked child like and small. The gaps were too wide and the teeth were too small to close with orthodontics or veneers alone. After discussing all the options, she decided to go ahead with a combination of treatments to help meet her wishes and avoid any damage to teeth.

Initially, we straightened her teeth with Invisalign to redistribute the spaces and performed crown lengthening to increase the size of her teeth. This was then followed with some whitening the teeth and direct composite bonding to her front eight teeth to close the spaces and give the teeth an ideal size to a colour of her choosing.

Invisalignwhiteninggum liftcomposite veneers

Miss A



Miss A wanted to broaden her smile and find a solution for the worn edges on her teeth. As a young lady we agreed on finding a minimally invasive solution using a combination of Invisalign aligners to digitally plan the new position fo the teeth.

Whitening was used to brighten the teeth and then using a combination of 3 composite shade we were able to blend material to level the incisial edges.

Invisalignwhiteningcomposite bonding

Mr W



Mr W was tired of his lost fillings and broken teeth. He was also having some pain from his front teeth and decide now was the time to provide a long-term solution to the problems. Mr W attended for a complimentary consultation and our team discussed a variety of restorative options.

We agreed to stabilise the mouth with a few visits to our hygiene team and remove any unhealthy teeth. We then replaced the lose teeth with a combination of dental implants and bridges. At the same visit, the broken teeth were restored with natural shaped porcelain veneers for a long-term stable solution.

ImplantsVeneersDental bridges

Miss E



Miss E was getting married in 8 months and wanted to feel comfortable smiling in her wedding photos. We noticed her teeth were slightly triangular with a uneven worn edges.

After discussing all the options we agreed to straighten the teeth with Invisalign aligners and use whitening to create a more even tooth colour. The edges of the teeth and triangular shape were repaired with composite veneers

Invisalign, Whitening, Bonding

Miss D



This lovely lady did not like her smile and came to see us for options. She had a missing lateral incisor and a large canine in its place. She also had a slant in the teeth which left a reverse smile.

We alleviated the tooth slant using clear braces and camouflaged the canine to look more like a smaller lateral incisor with 3 shades of composite layering.

Clear braces, lift, Whitening, Composite bonding

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