Tongue Ties & Frenectomy

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Tongue Ties & Frenectomy

Everyone has a thin muscle attachment (frenum) that attaches their upper lip to their gums. When this attachment is longer and sometimes thicker, it can interfere with the teeth causing a gap (diastema) that is not possible to close.

There is also another frenum that connects the tongue to the floor of the mouth. When these tissue attachments are tight, they can affect speech and swallowing. QuickLase lasers are some of the most advanced lasers available and are used to painlessly release these frenal attachments with minimal, if any soreness and bleeding afterwards compared to traditional techniques.

The treatment can be performed using topical anaesthetic gel and completed within 30 minutes and costs £595 and lasts the rest of your life if aftercare is maintained.

How can I tell if I have a tongue tie?
A person with a tongue tie will commonly have a reduced ability to move their tongue and may not poke their tongue out very far. People may have difficulty with speech and eating.
How much does it cost?

The process costs £595 (£49.58 per month, 12 months, Interest free). This includes a complimentary consultation and a 2-3 week review.

Please look at our offers for special deals. Interest free payment plans are available for all options.

What is the aftercare?
There is minimal bleeding afterwards, no sutures and hardly any discomfort. We will provide you with some tongue exercises to perform and some mild analgesics.

Children go to school the day after and adults can go back to work the same day. Eating is normal and a baby will suckle immediately after the procedure! It truly is an amazing way to have surgery.

Does it hurt?
With the advances in the use of OuickLase laser technology the process is as precise and painless as possible, often with only topical anaesthetic gel needed.
What happens if you don't fix tongue tie?
Often tongue ties are fixed at a young age. If not, it can make your teeth are harder to keep clean, increasing the risk of tooth decay and gum problems.

Nutrition may also be a problem, as food is chewed less effectively, speech may also be affected.

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