Jaw Problems

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Jaw Problems

People suffer from jaw ache for a variety of reasons: joint stress, teeth (occlusal) imbalance and muscle tightness. The overall term for this pain is called tempero-mandibular pain dysfunction syndrome (TMJPDS).

The jaw muscles are the main muscles involved in eating and speaking, and problems around the jaw can lead to several problems in the mouth. The jaw is often overlooked when looking at problems in the teeth.

Early diagnosis is important in preventing problems. From urgent problems, the use of a laser can warm the superficial and deep aspects of the jaw ligaments relieving pain.

Advanced laser therapy is a relatively new treatment method for helping jaw ache and can be very effective when used in combination with other treatments. If you feel you can benefit from TMJ therapy, please contact one of our team.

How long does the treatment last?
Without treating the underlying cause, all treatments are temporary, and do require continual treatment depending on the underlying nature of the problem.

It is normal to feel a warm sensation through the jaw during the treatment. This will help reduce soreness.

How much does the therapy cost?
One session of laser therapy costs £100 with our therapist.
What other treatments may be needed?
The best results for chronic jaw ache require a combination of treatments. Laser therapy with jaw exercises alongside a warm compress, topical analgesics work best. In some cases, a hard acrylic splint tailoring to your dynamic jaw movements will be needed.
What are the symptoms?
The symptoms are very broad ranging and can be clicking in your jaw joint, grinding, clenching, jaw lock, headache, neck and back strain, worn or even mobile teeth.

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