Teeth Whitening

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Teeth Whitening

‘Teeth whitening’ is a basic step in cosmetic dentistry-simple, subtle but dramatic changes in your smile.

We use whitening gels from some of the UKs best providers and can guarantee whitening of your teeth by approximately 7-8 shades and can last several months depending on aftercare.

Top up gels for whitening can also be purchased from the front desk.

How does whitening work?

There are 2 types of teeth whitening that work effectively: whitening gel placed in a take home trays and in the surgery using a laser light. Trays made specifically for your teeth in house within an hour and you would take home gel to place inside the trays.

Home whitening can take approximately 5-10 applications before seeing improvements. Laser whitening uses a gel placed on your teeth and a blue light that speeds up the whitening process to whiten your teeth within 1 hour.

How much does whitening cost?
Depending on the type of whitening, the cost of whitening your teeth costs between £295 and £595. Additional gels can be purchased at under £30.
How long does whitening last?
Using our peroxide-based gels, you can find whitened teeth within 4-5 applications. The results tend to last a few months depending on how bright a result you wish to maintain.
Is whitening bad for your teeth?
When performed correctly there is no harm to your teeth by teeth whitening. In 2012 new regulations have mentioned only qualified dentists should be using tried and tested peroxide based whitening gels.

Thus, you should always be in safe hands. There is a risk of increased sensitivity while whitening, but this should not last long.

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