Bonded Bridges

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Resin Bonded Adhesive (Sticky) Dental Bridges

Bridges are used as a permanent solution for missing teeth. If teeth adjacent to a gap (due to a missing tooth) are strong enough, they are be used to support the missing tooth.

Traditionally these teeth would need preparation in order to support the missing tooth. With the advances in technology, we can perform this treatment often with minimal or no preparation and no injections.

The larger the gap, the more false teeth (unit) needed to support the missing teeth. The average cost of dental bridges are approximately £500 per unit and can be made within 2 weeks and last 8-10 years.

What is a sticky bridge?

A resin-retained bridge, also known as a sticky bridge or adhesive dental bridge is used to replace missing teeth by ‘sticking’ onto adjacent teeth with strong cement, often with no preparation.

How long do bridges last?
If cared for well, bridges can last 8-10 years or more.
How many teeth can you replace with a bridge?
On average, bridges are used to replace 1-4 teeth at a time.
How much is a tooth bridge UK?
Bridges costs are calculated per unit (number of teeth involved), as this often makes the treatment more complex). Bridges cost £450 per unit.
How do sticky bridges differ from normal bridges?
Sticky bridges use a strong cement to bond to the enamel of the tooth and therefore require no drilling of the tooth. Traditional bridges require adjacent teeth to be drilled and have a bridge placed on top.
Does it hurt? What is the process?
Bridges are completely painless. The advanced version of traditional bridges often require 1 visit to create a 3D scan of your teeth and the second visit to cement the bridge onto your teeth. No surgery, no numbing-all the work is performed digitally away from the surgery.
What are the alternatives?

There are 2 alternatives for tooth replacement: dentures, or implants. Unlike dental implants, bridges don’t require surgery, and can be completed within 2 weeks rather than 2 months without any numbing.

Unlike dentures, bridges are fixed within your mouth.

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