Patient Stories

We use the latest techniques and treatments to produce amazing, natural smiles.

Mr M



Mr M wanted to straighten his teeth but was on a budget and wanted to avoid a “perfect” look. We tailored his treatment using clear aligners, slight, whitening and cosmetic contouring to ensure the edges of the teeth were level without using bonding.

Clear aligners, Whitening, Cosmetic contouring

Miss K



This young lady did not like her uneven smile and small teeth. She had been offered porcelain veneers to help resolve the situation but was put off by the cost and the potential damage to the teeth.

We agreed to treat this concern with 2 layers of composite material on the front 8 teeth to create a broader even smile. This was performed with no tooth damage, injections within 1 visit.

Composite veneers

Miss W



The lady did not like the gaps in her teeth and small teeth and the dark colour of her gums. We treated her with a combination of Invisalign aligners, gum bleaching, gum lift/crown lengthening and composite veneers to redistribute the spaces and lengthen the teeth for better proportion with no tooth damage.

Invisalign, Gum whitening Gum lift, Whitening, Composite veneers

Mrs A



Miss A was referred to us to change the appearance of her gums and worn teeth. Using a specialised laser, we removed the pigment in her gums and placed 6 composite veneers on her worn down upper teeth and bonding on the edges of her 2 worn lower incisors within the same visit.

Gum bleaching, Composite veneers

Mrs C



This gentleman was not happy with his uneven smile and “pointy teeth.” The gaps between the teeth we uneven, so after discussing several options, we agreed to even redistribute the spaces between the teeth with Invisalign aligners to allow us to rebuild the teeth into more even sizes with 3 shades of composite bonding.

Clear aligners, Whitening, Composite bonding, Progressive Smile Makeover

Miss R



Miss R came to use because she did not like the crossover of her upper front teeth and the white spots covering her teeth. After straightening her teeth with clear, ceramic braces, we carried out tooth whitening to obtain a more even tooth colour.

We then had to use a combination of ICON resin infiltration and composite on the edges of the teeth to transform this smile.

Clear braces, Whitening, ICON resin filtration, Edge bonding

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